Tandem Fund

The Challenge

  • While social enterprises have the end goal of becoming financially self-sustaining, they start out like many other firms: needing an initial investment to help them get off the ground. However, traditional banks and venture capital firms do not fund these types of organisations, which have limited assets and take advantage of unusual business models.
  • Social entrepreneurs are highly passionate but sometimes lack access to key resources, expertise, and mentorship to help them grow into self-sustaining enterprises.

The Innovation

  • A social venture capital firm that accepts below-market rates of return to invest in social enterprises.
  • The fund provides hands-on expertise in mentorship, strategy, external expertise, and business links.
  • Tandem Fund is financed through a combination of donor and private money from people and organisations passionate about creating scalable social enterprise solutions to address some of the world’s most difficult challenges.

The Impact

  • Tandem Fund’s mentorship creates a generation of socially-focusses entrepreneurs with a mindset for solving big problems and hard skills to tackle them.
  • Investments and mentorship help spurn new set of experimental approaches to addressing the problems of poverty.
  • Investments and mentorship help scale up proven solutions to the problems of poverty.
  • Social enterprise investment helps shift the social impact economy away from free donor or government money towards more sustainable, long-term, and participatory solutions.