— a crowdfunding platform for teachers is a crowdfunding social enterprise to support teachers, where 100% of project donations go directly to education projects in classrooms.

Educating the next generation is a huge task. Every day, we ask teachers across the country to attempt to overcome massive social and economic barriers ranging from poverty to broken families to help children achieve their full potential and (hopefully) score well on standardised tests. We’re really excited to see this initiative happen in Malaysia to support teachers. launched last year based on the DonorsChoose model in the US, a successful crowdfunding platform that has provided millions of dollars of support directly to teachers and classrooms. has been gaining a great deal of traction in Malaysia with the same model.

There are some really great projects you should check out (and hopefully contribute to!), including a project that brings virtual reality field trips to kids (you can donate your old smart phone) and a project to help the debate team from an underprivileged school participate in tournaments.