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The problem

Every few weeks, someone interested or involved in social enterprise would heave an exasperated sigh: “I had no idea this was in Malaysia! Where can I find out about everything that’s happening in the social enterprise space?”

To be honest, we didn’t have a good answer to that question.

Now, we do.


The solution

This Summer of 2014, we will be launching The Good List, a curated monthly newsletter covering key events, new social enterprises, and other news in Malaysia’s social enterprise space. Sign up for it on our home page!


The team

kal joffresKal Joffres is the co-founder of Tandemic, a social enterprise that spearheads some of Malaysia’s largest communities in social entrepreneurship and innovation. Kal and his team built Malaysia’s largest volunteering platform, Do Something Good, which serves over 30,000 volunteers and 300 NGOs. They are also behind Makeweekend, an initiative that brings people from different disciplines together to solve big challenges. In the past year, over 2,300 people participated in Makeweekends. Tandemic’s mission is to build a society where more people engage in building solutions to challenges.



gwen yiGwen Yi is a young social entrepreneur with a big dream — to revolutionize the way people connect. She builds communities for youths and educators using new media and mobile technology. A proud global citizen, Gwen is affiliated with international brands like TEDx, Thiel U20, Kairos Society, UNICEF, ASES and Telenor. In her spare time, she contributes to writing projects on tech startups and social enterprise. You can tweet her at @gwenific.



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Are you looking for the Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia (organisation)? You can find them here or reach them by email here.