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Social enterprises are organisations that have as their primary mission a social cause, such as poverty reduction or preserving the environment, and use a business model to sustain themselves. Read more.



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NGOs: Getting tax exempt status in Malaysia

Understanding your way around getting tax exempt status can be pretty tough. has put up a copy of the official rules on tax exempt status. You can download it here. To put in your application, you need to go to Jabatan Dasar Percukaian (Level 14) in Cyberjaya (LHDN).


Incorporating a social enterprise in Malaysia

There is no specific legal structure for social enterprise in Malaysia. However, it is possible to incorporate a company and modify the company articles to emulate the structure of social enterprises or social enterprise-like organisations in other countries. Our friends at Arkitrek, the ecotourism social enterprise, have done just this. Here’s how they emulated the social enterprise structure in Malaysia:…

Who are Malaysia’s social entrepreneurs? Preliminary results from the national census

The national census on social enterprise is a partnership between the Sunway University Institute for Social Enterprise and the Social Enterprise Alliance. The census surveys Malaysia’s social enterprises to gain a better understanding of the landscape. Here’s a look at some of the preliminary data from the census last year. These are some of the facts that popped out for…


Haiti: What we need to learn about remaking aid

Haiti is a jolting reminder of the failure of aid. If we are to avoid future disasters like Haiti, we need to think about how to significantly revamp how aid is delivered and what its lifecycle looks like.


The case for social enterprise

Five hours Northeast of Karachi in the Thar Desert may not sound like a very happening place. Yet, on a few small patches of desert land, an important test of a potentially potent mix of capitalism and charity is happening.